Technology Infrastructure Services

Technology Infrastructure today is the backbone of any business. Businesses depend on it to serve their customers in timely and efficient manner. They need their technology infrastructure to run uninterrupted and have 24X7 availability.

Our expertise in this field of Infrastructure management and consulting helps organizations achieve high uptime thus improving productivity and achieving higher customer satisfaction. Our Technology Infastructure services include managing your entire IT setup - Desktops, Servers and Network Devices.

Managed IT Services
  • Managed Desktops
  • Managed Servers
  • Managed Network Devices
Managed IT Services

We monitor availability and performance of your IT systems so that actions can be taken proactively to maintain high uptimes. Desktops are monitored around the clock and users are provided support as needed. Servers and Network devices are monitored 24x7X365. Customized alerts are used to get updates on the devices' status to proactively respond and fix them before you experience any issues. We do provide support by Phone or email in case your users need to contact us for any issues.
We can manage Active Directory & Exchange Servers, Sharepoint, MS Project Servers and also Application servers that may have web application servers or databases like Oracle, SQL Server. Our Network device monitoring includes devices like routers, switches, and firewalls to help keep your network running smoothly.