Lot of companies today outsource product maintenance so that they can focus on new releases of their products and stay ahead of competition. This is where we can help. We offer cost effective multi platform software maintenance and support services to our customers. With this the customers can focus on building new products.


We can build setups dedicated to provide support services. The support teams are chosen carefully and are a mix of domain and technology people. Our range of support services include:


Production maintenance – We can be Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 support for our customer’s products.

Bug fixing and enhancements – Support could include fixing bugs in existing application raised through live production usage or preplanned enhancements that may lead to version upgrades.


Migration – Some cases may require migration of live products to new environments be it new OS or databases etc. We can provide this service through thorough impact analysis, planning, risk analysis, development, detailed testing, user acceptance, release and patch management.

SLA definition and measurement – We can offer to define Service level agreements for the support we are providing to set the right expectations with our customer. Once defined, we can measure these regularly to report the progress and the quality of support.

Production maintenance is generally managed using ticketing systems. We are well versed with the functionality of such systems and their usage.