Aceicon is software product and services factory located in Delhi, India. We provide reliable software services and innovative products and solutions to our customers. We work with our customers to build business products and solutions and help them stay ahead of the competition. 

We have strong technology capability and we back this with our domain knowledge. Web applications, mobile applications, BI, EAI, SAAS are some areas we have capability to serve our customers on.

We strive to build long-term trust-based relationships with customers and employees with a focus to achieve mutually rewarding results. We work on the following four philosophies:

1. Constant innovation

Constantly innovate to compete - we believe in this statement. We have made this as our prime philosophy and we make all efforts to promote this.

2. Distinct customer value

We work towards providing distinct value to our customers in every association we have with them.

3. Customer-centric partnerships

We believe that focus of partnerships with customer should be “customer” himself. Keep the customer focus!

4. Growth through Synergies

We trust that synergy or teamwork is way to achieve growth and this has to be with customers and within employees.

What’s in the name?


Our name Aceicon is made up of two words “Ace” and “Icon”. The dictionary meaning of “Ace” is world-class, top quality, number one, first rate, top etc. and the synonyms of “Icon” are symbol, emblem etc. The combined meaning would be World-class symbol or Top quality symbol or Number one symbol etc. The company has been formed with this literal objective in mind and we go all-out with this goal in mind.